40k Leman Russ Wreck

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long, long time. So one day randomly, I decided to do it. I had an old Russ around that I'd gotten assembled and primed. So I chopped it in half and stuck it on piece of masonite. Some Citadel crackle paint, some...

Khorne Rhino

The advent of 8th edition made it clear that foot troops without a ride is not a great idea. So, what better than to equip a pack of loony-bin murderers with an APC! So hefty conversion work went into this, with the front plate from a Hellcannon being grafted into the...

Black Legion Predator

I painted this in my blitz to the launch of 8th edition. Great fun to bring this to life and upping my freehand game too.

Colony 87 non-coms

This is a great range of minis created by Jon Boyce in the UK. Here's the variety that I have painted to date. They're a joy to paint, and I love the faces the sculptor did.