Realm of Chaos warriors II

After my earlier time travel into GW’s past, I urgently wanted to go back again. So I scanned the internet for more RoC warriors and discovered that few of them […]

Realm of Chaos warriors

I started wargaming in the mid 90s (expect a 20th anniversary post this summer ;-) ), so of course I still have fond memories of the classic late 80s Citadel […]

Corehammer/PaintXDestroy collabo: Rogue Trader Challenge

For this months Single Figure Challenge I decided it was high time we shook it up a bit. When things stay the same for too long stagnation and inertia sets in and I am not having any of that on CH, we are agents of change goddamnit! My plan then, was to start...

Reliving my Youth – The 80’s part 1

For the next few weeks, I am going to take you back to the wonderful 80's.  The time of big hair, wood paneling, and techno-pop rock.  There seems to be a resurgence of 80's remakes and such lately. Hollywood hasn't had an original idea in decades. And...