Dark Angels Librarian WIP 5

Getting there. Finished the robes, aside from the markings at the bottom and some of the dangly stuff on the front (quiet at the back, I’m looking at you, Bear!) and also got the eyes detailed. I reckon maybe five more hours, give or take.

Dark Angels Librarian WIP 4

I promise to blog about something else soon but I’m just so pleased that I’m actually making decent progress Anyway, this evening I got some more work done on the cherub, the force staff as well as started to lighten up the Inner Circle robes. I also...

Dark Angels Librarian WIP 3

After a difficult few days away from the painting table I’m happy to say I’ve finally made some progress. While there’s still a lot of work to do I’m pleased to report that I’ve reached the point where things start to progress quickly and...

Dark Angels Librarian WIP 2

Managed a little more work today. Started to experiment with the shading on the Cherub Servitor’s skin and made a start on the Inner Circle Robe and some of the metallic effects.

Dark Angels Librarian WIP 1

As mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to enter this month’s Battle of The Brush at Games Workshop Edinburgh. Here’s my progress so far: Now, although this doesn’t look like much work what you see here is thee different layers of progressively...