MC Ep 1 – Intro to Model Citizen!

Today Allen and the gang get bac, for their first episode of Model Citizen! On today’s epidsode, the guys talk to Jacob Fathbruckner on Chaos Wars, AoS grumbling, and even cover some air brushing tips. Also Check out our event OH-Con!

Boltgun Battle Bros Ep 36 – Army in a Weekend!

Army in a weekend 2015 with Origins Interview with the Ninja Division’s Chris Berkinhagen we talk about the creation of Super Dungeon Explore, & future projects for this company. I talk a little bit about Malifaux. I attempt a GSA. Then Marathon army time....

Boltgun Battle Bros Ep 35 – Post OH-Con and the Eldar!

  Allen Blount is back with Joe Elverson, Randy Charles, and Corey Lenigar to talk about their OhCon experiences! They also get in a review of the new Eldar Codex and open up some Ironwood Metals. Also Check out our event OH-Con!