Warhamer 40k Codex: Daemonic Incursion Edition

New from the Black Library, Codex Chaos Daemons has a new updated edition for all you Chaos Daemon players. The Daemonic Incursion Edition is updated with all the new datasheets for you from Curse of the Wulfen, with updated psychic powers and formations.Read more »

Day 20 Advent- Marble Effects

Day 20 of the GW Advent Calendary is here, and there is a new video tutorial (which I have really like this series), and of course our daily Black Library and Warhammer Digital releases.Read more »

Day 13 and 14 Advent Calendar

Day 13 and 14 of the Games Workshop Advent Calendar, because yes, I missed a day and there are some goodies that are worth checking out. Painting Dark Skin, and yes!!!.... painting yellow!Read more »