The Beginnings of a Genestealer Cult – Space Hulk Hybrids

Hobby Butterfly strikes again! I still have my copy of Space Hulk (2nd Edn circa 1996) inside the box I have the Genestealer and Deathwing (circa 1990) expansions too, extra rules, tiles and more importantly Miniatures. In this delightful plunge into the closet of...

Genestealer Cult 002

Just a quick update on these models, I'm nailing down exactly what I want to do with the rest of the brood here.

Genestealer Cult 001

Nothing major but I got my first seven hybrids cleaned up and assembled.More xenos scum to follow sooner or later... I'm considering picking up Space Hulk for the Purestrains.Cheers,CJ