Coat liners and other details

Woot - I actually think I only need a few bits of decor on the red, like checkers and stuff and bases, then I have actually finished painting something....not too shabby!!

More Mechanicus paint

The Vanguard is getting pretty close to done now. Cog-pattern and other minor details and a bit of weathering to go. I think I'll also change the green lenses in the backpack mount to blue - doesn't really come through the green color, I think the blue will look much...

Vanguard almost there

Getting mighty close to finish here - just a few little bit needing tidying up. Pretty good idea of the end result here. Think it will look good in a squad.

Taking up the red a notch

After I decided that the reds were a go I worked a bit more on it last night. I actually think it came out pretty good, I might add red to the sensor casing too - as I need a "bigger" surface to freehand - those shoulder pads are just too small!Metals are done - like...

Red on a Mechanicus model – are you nuts!

I decided to go with my first idea and well the second one as well actually.....hence red was added to bot shoulderpads and helmet. Guess what! I really like it - I'm giving this the full go with shades, highlight, whipped cream and all.