How our Grimdark Henry Cavill Future Got Here!

The story of how Henry Cavill was the key to bringing the Warhammer 40k universe to the big and small screen. The post How our Grimdark Henry Cavill Future Got Here! appeared first on The Blood of Kittens Network.

Pacific Rim Uprising

I don't normally do a lot of movie trailers, but I just saw this one come out. I know from the first one, my kids will love this one as well. For myself its big robots vs big monsters... what could go wrong.Read more »

The Force Nods Off

by SandWyrmJust got back from seeing Rogue One tonight, and I'm sad to say that it's not nearly as good as it could have been. While it beats any of the Prequels, I'm having a hard time deciding whether it beats out Return of the Jedi or not. Especially when it...

NuTrek 3 is Good Trek and Suicide Squad is a Bad Movie

By CaulynDarrSometimes a movies makes the whole series better, other times it makes everything worse.  Some minor spoilers may or may not follow.  You have been warned.The first trailer for Beyond had me a little worried.  When your trailer debuts the...

Rogue One Trailer

By CaulynDarrI have few words.  Mostly just wow, wow, wow, freaking, and awesome.  Is it December yet?