To the Cargo bay

With a few shots of the whole (held together) model - I'll be putting this on hold for a few days. Couple of things missing, that I should get in mail sometime soon. Need to add some symbols, cables and mechadendrites, but until I have all the bit needed for the last...


I was going over the legs last night, wanting to add some detail. But for some reason I could not come up with anything, so after some ", all right what" I decided to leave them as they are and just rebuild the feet. They are pretty long, which...

Full frontal

Finally a chance to show what it will look like once finished - the upper body at least. Only minor work, like adding a bit of weaponry and mechanicus symbols. I think it's going to look mean when it's done - yay.

Engine block

Desided that the previous shown weapondesign will instead be a Graviton cannon, as I got a new idea that kind of fits better with a Shockwave cannon. That means the first Myrmidon will be armed with a different HtH  weapon, one I've been wanting to use ever since...

Graviton cannon

One of the cool experimental weapons of the Mechanicus is the Shockwave cannon. Ready to rip open both ground and enemy.