Eldar Knight #2 – Magnets powa !

What's really good with big minis, or long time projects, is that you can be sure that, no matter what, Murphy's law won't forget you.On this commission for two Eldar Knights, sh*t happened when I was on the finish line with the second knight.Torso and legs just broke...

Eldar Knight #2 – Gimme varnish

On the right corner, all the gems that need to be done.I can finally see the end of it.Bad news are bad : torso and legs had a break upAnd I'll have some more work to repair this and find a solution.

I haz colorz !

I'm finally backon the bench. Founded enough time to paint some gems in blue and add a yellow touch.

Raise your arms !

 After two weeks without time for our Holly Hobby, I'm back for an update.I made the highlights on both pair of arms, with a blue mark on all the gems. It'll help when I'll paint them all.Second option : big cannon and shield.The painting wheme will be a little...