Necron Stonehenge Terrain Showcase

Nick speaking,Here is my finished terrain piece that I made running along side my Terrain Square 'Circle' Competition for 2016. I am really happy with my piece, but of course I cannot win my own competition, so more to come on the winning pieces soon!

Terrain Build and Paint Night at the FLGS!

We did a terrain build and repair night at Game Empire Pasadena last night, Tuesday, and it was a blast. It was cool to hang out on 40k night and give a lot of the terrain in the store some TLC and work on new stuff. One item was the large Space Marine statue. I've...
Games Workshop Paint my Terrain!

Games Workshop Paint my Terrain!

Nick speaking,More dead Blood Angels!A little while ago, I placed third in a painting competition at my local Games Workshop store and won a prize for them to paint up a piece of terrain for me. I thought I would submit the Forge World piece I got for a fiver a while...