Finished! Red Scorpions Detachment

All finished and ready for war. Twenty tactical marines, two Razorbacks, and one Captain. Enjoy!Next up I'll have a small personal project to keep my sanity between commissions. It's also for Infinity so stay tuned!

WIP: Red Scorpions

I didn't waste more than a day coming back from Adepticon. Following the event, I prepped up the next tabletop commission in line. Which is a nice release following all the high level painting done before the Crystal Brush.Stay Tuned!

Pass and Review

I have always been afflicted by what I call "Hobby ADD". Anyone who has read this blog for more than a few months will likely be completely unsurprised. Tonight, I am playing around with a list of  armies I am currently working on, and some possibilities for the...

2013 in review

Its about that time again, isnt it?2013 was an "interesting" year in my house. Up through August, I was expecting '13 to go down as one of my worst years yet (still wont win any awards), with car issues and the financial difficulties that often come with those.And...
Finished painting my Red Scorpions

Finished painting my Red Scorpions

Done at last, or more accurately, done for now!The brain is a funny thing. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to sell the Red Scorpions, and a few other armies I have. A buyer was lined up, terms were agreed to... then life punched him in the gut and took his...