CCX 14 – Mantic Kickstarter!

In this Episode of Counter Xtra the boys talk about the Mantic Kickstarter and lament the fact that Rob’s pledge still hasn’t arrived. Also Check out our event OH-Con!

CCX 13 – Meil Vermeulen!

In this episode of Counter Charge Xtra we talk with the dreaded Meil about his thoughts on Kings of War and the evolving tournament scene.   Also Check out our event OH-Con!

XP 108 – How to tackle Paint Storage!

Today Andrew is back tackling paint storage in our hobby areas. Let’s face it most of us have more paint than we will ever use and it can clutter the area quickly. This episode talks about how to make sure you keep the area organized.   Link to purchase The...

CC 4 – Rules FAQ wih the Rules Commitee!

In today’s episode of Counter Charge we dive back into the rules and review some listener questions with special guests Matt Gilbert and Daniel King from the Kings of War rules committee.  Finally we close out the show with a complete review of all 40 Magical...

OH EP 73 – S1N and a new beginning!

Today Andrew and Jake talk about their recent experiences with Stregnth in Numbers as well as a host of other topics which leads them to where the future of the podcast is going. Also Andrew Promised a link for SDK web based format for AoS: Also...