Finished! Rok!

Trollbloods character warbeast, Rok! Oh boy! Painted for this year's Nova Open charity raffle. I'll also be there teaching classes, so get em while they're hot and sign up! Gallery View

Privateer Press – New Releases

New releases from Privateer Press...---------------------JANUARY WAVE 1 NEW RELEASESTROLL BASHER - TROLLBLOOD LIGHT WARBEASTWielding enormous maces made from salvaged scrap metal, the ferocious troll basher is the favored warbeast of many Northkin. Troll Bashers are...

Privateer Press – Newsletter

Event and release news from Privateer Press...-------------------PRIVATEER PRESS NEWSLOCK & LOAD GAMEFEST TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE Privateer Press will be holding Lock & Load GameFest 2018 on June 22-24 in Bellevue, Washington!  Check out JR...

Finished! Horgle, the Anvil

This one was a lot of fun, the perfect set up for some widespread OSL. A great sculpt as well, some folks balk at some of Privater Press's sculpts but the troll range is pretty solid.

Finished! Trollbloods Support

A couple couples of Trollblood support units. Painted to tabletop quality, don't judge me.First, the Northkin ShamansSecond, a pair of Sorcerers.