Finished! WreckAge Slug Lugger

Again, I have to say that these are probably not the official names of these vehicles but I'm having fun with it. The third and final part of this project, the Slug Lugger. Gallery View
Mek Gun  and Trukk Kitbash (1+1=4)

Mek Gun and Trukk Kitbash (1+1=4)

Here's a tutorial, or walk through on how I made 4 Mek Gunz from the Ork Mek Gun and Ork Trukk boxes.  The basic idea is simple, use the Trukk wheels and bits to make gun carriages.  I built the Tracktor kannon straight out of the box, and the other three are...
Badmoon Shoota Boyz

Badmoon Shoota Boyz

Below you'll see some badmoons that I've had on my to-do list for quite some time.  I picked up the gas mas heads back in 2010 (link to the store below), and have been waiting to do these guys and the trukk for some...