Tyranid 8th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,I have spent the whole of 8th edition so far playing with my Necrons, and it has been a lot of fun re learning the army again. Now though, it's time for some Tyranid fun!

Back with a Battle Report (Nids Vs Blood Angels)

Nick speaking,For one reason or another my buddy and I have struggled to get together for a game for quite some time now, but when we did get together we certainly made sure we had some fun. It was such a long time since we had played that we decided to just have a...

Nidzilla Vs Unbeaten Blood Angels Army! (2k BatRep)

Nick speaking,So, after losing to my buddies new Blood Angels list with my Space Wolves and Necrons, it was time to send in the Tyranids! I didn't want to tailor my army to beat his, so I found one of my old Nidzilla lists I had in my Codex and played that, but how...

Nidzilla Vs Dark Angels (Table Top Banter Game)

Nick speaking,Here is the game that I was talking about in the previous post. Callum and I had a fantastic time and it was really great to play someone new on the table. Please don't forget to check out his YouTube Channel here: Table Top banter