Back in the 80s we had a rpg boom here in Sweden and the leading company was Target Games (Äventyrsspel) who released more or less all the classic Swedish made rpgs. In 1984 they released the first version of a game called Mutant, a post apocalyptic and very humerus game that mixed low and high tech with mutated humans, animals and plants and more or less everything else you could imagine.

The company released 4 versions of the game and changed the setting quite a lot into more of a cyberpunk game. Then the company died and the Swedish rpg boom was gone.

Then in 2002 a new company took on the license and made a new version of the very first Mutant which turned out to be a great game. Then that company died as well.

Fast forward to last year, yet another new company picked up the license and after a successful crowd funding campaign the game just got released to the public and it looks good, really good.

We are preparing a campaign, all the characters are done and then we started the first part yesterday. This far in I really like the game. Even if we played it wrong in the beginning which made it much harder and we failed at everything but now we know better :).

One thing that I really like (even if we haven’t done it yet) is that you can center a lot of the scenarios on the “Ark” where you live. You make a list of projects for the Ark (building stuff, finding stuff, training etc) and then at the start of each session you have a short town meeting where you try to finish projects, make new ones etc. You also have 4 different development levels for the Ark, food, culture, technology and defense.

Some links for the game and history of the IP, unfortunately it’s in Swedish.

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