So ive just come back from a long trek back from sunny birmingham from gamesday 2009. Just to let you know this report will be in two parts, part one of course will be all the new (lack) of stuff i managed to rangle from gamesday. The next update will be an overiew!

I'm not going to put up stuff available on warseer / bell of lost souls. All this info is on stuff i havent seen reported and info from people i chatted to at gamesday, so please take with a pinch of salt etc.


1) First off, no space wolf codex (explained in part 2)
2) Complete lack of any details on most stuff
3) Codex preview for nids
4) Some daemon greens and tallarns etc (on warseer)

Not alot else really coming to light.


This is where i found all the new stuff

1) Working on elysians etc and ATV, pics are on warseer
2) Spoke to Mr bedford, really nice chap and had some good hobby tips too. I got chatting to him about the IA masterclass books and asked if anymore where being done. He said 'yes' and said that it would be following diorama building.

This lovely piece he built and painted would be featured in it. No release date etc, so no idea what else it will cover but should be good!

3) Spoke to Will Hayes (builds large titans!) at Forgeworld and just generally chatted about what size limits FW had. From the sounds of it not alot and i asked the pressing question, would they build a bigger titan to which he replied, they may do a phantom! Though what i actually meant was a warload. But from the sounds of it these are viable projects and we could see these in the future.

4) Spoke to Darren Parrwood about some concept sketches and the mock up of a imperial lander of some sort. From the sounds of it, they where trying to get away from the valkyrie style and i believe this photo (which is everywhere now) is the concept for a space marine landing craft. Or so i was told.

I asked Mr Parrwood about how long it takes to get from prototype to the final model. Darren was quite friendly and said he would spend about 2 months minimum to get to the final build before cast up. So if this project does go through i expect to see it after xmas or prehaps before.

5) Nice large orky diorama, prehaps feature in the new vraks book. Didnt really ask though.

Other than that not alot. A full update and review will be posted tomorrow.