Iron Hands

HiIve been away for awhile but i thought i would share some current WIP. I have been using an airbrush in order to do the undercoats and abit of weathering. Going for a very simple scheme and using the chipped metal effect for the marines as i hate highlighting...

Anvil Industries Review

So for those of you who haven't seen, Anvil Industries are a small company making resin minis and conversion bits. While these arent listed as 'games workshop' compatible. The marine size ones are a excellent fit for marine models. The following bits ive used are the...

Little bits

Sooo I'm sorta been upto stuff, trying to do my iron hands army and some vampire counts. Here some pics anyway! Big cannon Converted Storm Talon Vampire Counts

Etheral Zombies!

Well ive been painting here are the first ten done and i went mad with the blood effect but i like it. Nice quick easy scheme which i think suits the models quite well

The Undead Cometh

So then my arch nemsis Mr Fischer from a taste of choas blog has been pestering to get me to do a fantasy army. So i have, vamps all the way, so this along with my 40k stuff will be appearing on here along with a few battle reports. Ive been quite slow due to work and...