Soo the story started when i ordered some stuff some gamesworkshop in new zealand for my flesh tearers army. Fast forward a week and im at working cleaning away in the kitchen (i work on the west coast in a hostel in the middle of nowhere)and a box arrives with my stuff. My boss comes in and loudly asks me, 'so you play with toy soliders aye?'.

Im looking abit shocked at this point and ask why she thinks i play with to soldiers at which point she shows me the box. Now GW in new zealand when you do mail orders get it shipped over from Australia. On the custom slip in quite large letters it says to my slight horror 'TOY SOLIDERS' which was infact my marine jump packs and shoulder pads. At which point the piss taking starts. Now i can take that im just horrified at GW for destroying my closet gaming secret!

So i wonder if anybody else has been caught out by being a closet gamer???