So I have been looking for a new set of bases for my Flesh Tearers army. So after some hunting around I finally settled on dragon forge. Id only heard good things from them and the price was fairly good. Also the major point was the inter changeability of two of the ranges, parched earth and broken wasteland. The reason i choose these two sets is they look similar and with abit of sand it was easy to mass produce 40 to 50 bases without having any repeats. A problem i find with alot of companies doing resin bases is the fact they only do batches of 10 when peoples armies generally have more than 10 models in them! But anyway I had contacted Jeff about doing a commission for the lost empire range instead, however as its a one man operation and due to other reasons he was unable to do it. But was quick to respond to my e-mails and a nice guy to chat with, so kudos to Jeff!

Shipping and Price:

So I order 30 bases and got a free large 60mm base for my troubles (again awesome deal from Jeff) which cost me 35 US dollars or 24 GBP including postage (30 for bases and 5 for postage). Not bad really for 30 bases. To do a comparison micro art studios would charge me 30 GBP for 30 bases and they also do some lovely bases as well which I’ve built armies with. It took 8 days to travel to myself in New Zealand from America to the middle of nowhere (i literally live in a rainforest) and the postage actually cost 6 US dollars, so i saved 1 dollar! So again can’t fault that service.


The bases came in a box in their own plastic bags, on first inspection there weren’t any noticeable defections bar some flash around the bottom of the bases. Couple of small air bubbles on the bottom of the bases but that doesn’t matter. So I set them aside for washing and cleaning up. The bases didn’t really have any release agent on them and only required alight scrub. These are pressure cast bases and done by a one man operation, the casting quality is good but not as good as micro art studios but I think that’s reflected in the price. From the photo below you can see the air bubbles that have affected some of the bases, this isn’t really an issue as sand and paint will cover these but something to consider. It’s not an issue for me but when comparing to micro art studio bases, you won’t find this sort of things at all with their bases. But again price reflects this i think, its really my only criticism of dragon forge.

Mounting them was easy enough, however not all the surfaces are flat which is really down to the design meaning I had to file some bits down to get a flush mounting for my marines. But again not a issue for me.


So I’m quite happy with these bases, the quality, price and shipping are great, Jeff is a friendly guy to deal with and quite a busy chap! The only negative point is the small air bubbles from the pressure casting which could be down the mould itself, its hard to tell without looking at the moulds themselves as it seems to be them rather than air bubbles in the casting. However again not an issue for me. All together a good product and well priced, id certainly recommend them to anyone.

Therefore i give them a 4/5, the only minus coming from the air bubbles in the casting.