I'm sure by now you've all seen the Storm Raven.... if you haven't you soon will but avoid it like the plague if you can help it... I think it's safe to say even Papa Nurgle called in to GW sick today.

Now unlike some I don't bash on GW much so this won't be something you see here to often. The company has always treated me right, years ago I had a newly bought Necron army stolen from me and when the local GW rep heard about it from my favorite stores owner they got me 90% of it back free of charge. I also don't complain about the cost because 9.9 times out of ten GW delivers with their product. The way I see it we pay the premium to get the very best and I'm very OK with that.... but when they fail so completely, so miserably I think I have a right to be a little grizzled about it. ESPECIALLY when it's a kit I've been drooling over the prospect of.

I could understand if ONE person designed, OK'd and produced the kit. I can understand the concept of one person liking this... but with a company as anal as GW I just can't fathom how they cleared and approved this through all their channels. Especially with all those great Valkyrie to Storm Raven conversions out there!

I can think of only one other time I feel that GW failed THIS miserably. Remember how bad the metal Possessed Marines were? The ones GW released a few years back not long before we got the awesome plastic kit that wonderfully put those metal travesties out of their misery... yeah.

Hopefully the same happens here but I doubt it, good things just don't happen that often in life but I can dream can't I? I hope so, I'd rather put together an old Land Speeder kit than look at that thing ever again.