Just this past weekend I joined the House of Paincakes Blog Network and yesterday my Chaos Sorcerer was number one on their weekly top 10! ....err I mean top six. Anyway I just wanted to offer them my thanks. It's so damn flattering when someone likes your work let alone helps pull you out of a Warcraft coma, so thanks guys.

Speaking of WOW I've leveled 16 times in three nights proving that I already have a problem but that awesome recognition yesterday helped get me 40k motivated again. Nothing like the approval and attention of people you've never met before to get you up out of your chair! Lord knows my wife couldn't! HA! Kidding.... kinda.

So this weekend I plan on building a Rhino for one of my squads that I've been planing out in my head for sometime. Yes I have a three day weekend and could do more but let's not get crazy here, I have a 16th level Dwarf Paladin named Ironsoul who would be pissed if I'm away too long... oh yeah and a wife.

See kids that's the trick to success: setting the bar low and not setting yourself up to fail!

Happy New Year everyone!