Allo all

Sorry for my slackness, ive been busy painting, gaming and trying to find a new job. Its been a busy old time here in 2011 for me, ive already been to my first big tournament in over a year! Anyway here are some battle reports for your enjoyment

Caledonian Uprising -

Held at maelstorm games and run by the scottish ETC team, it was an event to help pick the scottish ETC team, raise money for them and in short to play games and drink beer! The tournament was 6 games over two days using a ETC scoring system at 1750 points with no special characters. I also decided to bring along my podcasting equipment so expect in the next two weeks or so to see a new 40k uk podcast!

Anyway here is my list, thought id give dual land raider flesh tearers (blood angels) ago.

Libby (Shield and Bloodlance)


Assault Terminators (3 thunder hammers)

Land Raider Redemeer (multimelta)

3 x Assault Squads with Razorbacks (twin linked las)

Death Company Dread (pod and blood talons)

9 Death Company (1 powerfist)

Land Raider

So on the sat i rocked up and played a game against a buddy of mines daemons (not neils as his daemons kicked me) and proceeded to give it a good kicking (17-3), though he claims alcohol was to blame!

Seems all my luck was to be in this game as saturday was certainly alittle soul destroying! Also please forgive the lack of photos, i was quite lazy over the weekend.

Game 1 (Seize Ground, dawn of war, 5 objectives) - Adam Calver (imperial guard)

So i rock up on the table and im greated by quite a nice covereted grot army which he is using as a guard army. Some very nice converisions and quite a nice chap. Anyway i believe he had 2 hydras a manticore, hellhound, banewolf, vendetta and then a assortment of vets with melta and plasma spam. Luckily not the leafblower guard though cant say i particularly wanted guard first thing in the morning. So the objectives where mainly scattered around the right hand side of the table. Adam deployed and put a vets squad in the middle with everything else off the board. I put my death company and transport hidding behind a building.

Adam went first and moved everything on setting up the firing lanes and not having really anything to fire at. I moved the land raider with the termis on the far right and hid behind some terrain but near enough to assault the nearest to objectives if he got close. The razorbacks came on the left and tried shooting at the manticore but couldnt see. The next turn involves adam blowing and stunning a razorback while the land raiders take little shooting. While my drop dread comes down on the left and stuns a vets transport before being blown up by the vets inside. Adam has also moved two vets squads quite close to the objectives and near the threat range of the land raider with the termis, so i sprang them out hoping with the shooting to blow the squad up. Instead i fail to blow the tank up and end up charging and only managed to stun it. Alot of plasma and melta was about to appear and nuke the terminators!

Turn 3 rocks on and the vendetta appears behing me and takes out the multimelta on the land raider redemeer and the manticore blows it up while the termis get reduced to 2 due to lasguns to the face from the vets. Adam moves some more vets into the middle in range of the death company. On the right another razorback goes up to hydra fire and the squad hides in the wreckage. I reply by moving up the land raider with the death company and using my last two termis to try and assault a another vets chrimera. While on the left i manage to stun, immoblise and remove the flame cannon from the hellhound with the last razor back and libbys bloodlance. I try to assault it with one squad in order to finish it off and fail to kill it.

Turn 4 turns into adam shooting one of my 5 man squads on my objective and blasts them away. The termis land raider gets taken out by the vendetta and the last termis die to bolt and las pistol fire (annoying to die to flash lights). Now this is where i make my epic mistake, id taken out a chrimera vets squad in front of the land raider and i thought id be able to assault them with the death company. Turns out as i get them out of a land raider in two nice lines that i couldnt get there due to difficult terrain caused by wreckage from the exploding chrimera. I hadnt noticed the lovely bane wolf to the right and the nice arrangement of marines id left for him to kill and i get sorely punished for it in turn 5. I managed to stun the manticore and still fail to kill the hellhound with the libby and 5 man assault squad.

Turn 5 - death company die a flamey, melta death from the banewolf, two left and a chaplain, who proceed to get shot by everyone and then charged by the vets in order to stop me killin. I fail to kill the three guardsmen while losing one of the death company marines. But take the banewolf out with the land raider. AT this point i believe we had one objective each and the rest where contested but went to turn 6 where i proceed to kill the guardsmen in combat and get shot to peices by the remaining guard.

Turned into a 17-3 win to adam. Victory points where 680 to me and 1035 to adam. Looking back i should of put most of my army in the middle as more bodies would of been useful. Also not looking at the banewolf which killed most of the death company i believe cost me the game as if they got into assault they would of run amock in the back of adams lines.

Good game but need to be more careful with my two deathstar units and the drop dread.