So as I work my way out of Stracraft 2 and WOW my mind has been turning back to 40k lately and I'm torn on what I wish to construct and/or finish constructing. A few ideas to bounce off of you:

-Continue on with the Word Bearers (Space Wolves)

-Ever since I started on the Word Bearers I immediately regretted not building a Night Lords army instead after seeing Dan the Deamon's army on the Bolter and Chainsword forums, it's everything thats cool in the universe. I don't plan on being able to do THAT much coolness but damn it would be nice to have something similar.

-My most favorite of armies I ever played was an old Lost and the Damned list I used to have out of the Eye of Terror Codex. I loved that it was like a "real" Chaos army from books like Storm of Iron, lots of cannon fodder and pawns backed up by marines. Before starting the Word Bearers I was dead set on building a guard army and allying Grey Knights to represent the elite marines but the Deamonhunters FAQ killed off that idea.... but now we have Codex: Grey Knights, Coatez and Inquisitorial henchman...

Any opinions? Maybe I'll get something done someday. :)