Went over to Battleground games in Lexington KY for the Semi-Finals. I figured that since there would be may WOC armies that I would try something different this year. So I took Vampires. I had a GG horde of 40 with a fighty general. 2 corpse carts for ASF in the first scenario, 2 big blocks of ghouls, 2 vamps for Death magic and staff of damnation, and a skellie block with a casting Lord.

My plan was to get close with ghoulkin and get stuck in ASAP while my GG horde took care of anything nasty.OH I also had 3 wraith to capture the fanatic in game 2.

So game 1 finds me up against..... Gunline Dwarves. he had 2 grudge, 2 bolt, 3 cannons, 70 thunderers, thorek, a block of slayers and the 3 scrolls,.2spellbreakers and +6 dispel dice (maybe more) My opponent literally lined up on his table edge and I know I was in for a rough game. Out of everything that I planned for a dwarf gunline was not on the list (foolishly so I might add)

Game  1 high lights:
Turn 1 my death vamp gets sun off and kills two war machines.(miscasting and dying as a result) I fail to make my opponent take panic checks and he does not point it out either.(this happened with his two other warmachines as well)

I forget that grapeshot is no longer template moving my wraiths 12 inches away, my opponent does not roll to hit just to kill and my wraiths explode (a 16 KP shift as i had two warmachines lined up)

4 ghouls and a vamp cannot hit wound 4 thunderers leaving me inrrange of counter charge (10 KP loss here as there was a good overrun that I missed.)

And the big one... out of almost 30 GG attacks I roll 28 1's and 2's which cost me my GG unit (general and BSB survived)

After all that I still managed only a minor loss.

Game 2 vs Teclis

I was trying to rally my spirits after finding all of the major rule mistakes from round 1. I was pretty disappointed in my mistakes but did not want to carry them forward into game 2 and make more.

Game 2 Highlights

Wraiths capture fanatic turn one and run for the hills

Teclis dwellers 19 ghouls down turn 2.

Ghouls on left flank fail 3 charges in a row. 10, 8, and 6 needed on dice... all failed.

Teclis dwllers GG roll for BSB '6' roll for general '6' roll for death mage who hopped in from disintegrated ghoul unit? you guessed it another '6'

I still managed to kill Teclis and his giant unit of seaguard and my ghouls on the right finally got a charge. (but came up short on the overrun. I only needed a 6 for pete's sake)

Wraith die to crumble...fanatic free.

Barely tabled me... if I would have had just one GG alive it would have only been a major as I had over 1500 points killed.. oh well my opponent was a gentlemen and fun to play.

Game 3 vs Ogres

with nothing to loose I looked forward to a fun relaxing game. My opponent I played last year and he beat me with Dark Elves. This year he had a massive character full ogre horde, with a smaller horde and some gnoblar fillers..

Game 3 hightlights:

good magic rolls allow me to get summon undead hord off twice to replace GG losses

Helm and banner of barrows is brutal...especially with ASF from the cart up.

Ghouls flank charge help kill big horde

Vampires table the ogres.

Fun relaxed game.

Well I am already plotting for next year..... depending on AB releases I may already have a plan... now I turn my sights on 40k Ard Boyz..... BA or DE.... hmmmm