Bolters N’ Beer 2020-07-23 16:52:00

Warhammer 9th Edition So with the impending release of 9th Edition I will make an attempt to chronicle my lists and games here as a record of my attempts to "git gud" at 40kIn no particular order I will be playing:Nids, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Grey...

Hiatus Over!

So with the demise of Warmachine in my local meta I have been looking for another game. Guild Ball, while ok is not super appealing to me. I am not sure why.So with 8E 40K going strong in my area with a good group of regulars I have been sucked back into the world of...
Grey Knights WIP

Grey Knights WIP

I finally got past my "painter block" and put brush to a few models. I am trying something different with my GK. I want them to have a dark deathwatch style. Thus I went about trying to paint more black.Here are some WIP, I really need a new camera.

Back on the Scene

After a long absence I am back. I will not boor anyone with the details of my absence suffice to say that I will be working to get my unpainted models painted and get some games in this year.Look for some long overdue pictures of some of last years projects.

NOVA Summary DAY 2

NOVA DAY 2So I go into day 2 as a seed in bracket 2. I am tired but determined to have a good showing this day as well.Game 5 vs LoganWing. Played an Iron league guy who was pretty cool. He made only one mistake the whole game which was win the roll for turn 1 and not...