Ive pretty much hammered out the details on the colors that I will painting this army in. Im finding out that my current squad configuration is really suffering from going at I1. The chainfists have paid off a few times but I may start play testing a lot more lightning claws. I ran nothing but terminators this game.

belial th/ss130
interigator chaplain, termie armour, combi melta 150
5deathwing terminators, apothocary, banner, chainfist, CML 295
Troops x 3
5deathwing terminators, 4 th/ss, chainfist, CML 240
Troops x 3
5deathwing terminators, 4th/ss, CML 235

Thoughts, prayers? for me as a player playing this cheese wheel.

I didnt quite do as well as I thought, because I thought I was going to knock his dick in the dirt. Look for the battle report in a day or two.

PS, I hate you vehicle damage chart!