Counts as Typhus model, and 180 painted zombies

 Im sorry I don't have a lot of time to talk, but this guy is my Typhus and below are 180 zombies that I had paint commissioned.  If I was anywhere near a painting competition, I would definitely enter this guy.    

crimson fist ARmy for Sale

Hey everyone, Im trying to get the word out that my friend is selling is huge crimson fist army.  PLEaZE go check out his ebay auction and throw down some dough if it peeks your interest.  ´╗┐

shooting is for ninnies!

 Is it possible to make everyone happy?  Well lets give it the ol college try, shall we.  The picture above, is 180 zombies from the Mantic- Kings of War game.  A very popular substitute for the zombies in the Chaos Space Marine Codex. ...

is there still an excuse for counts as armies?

Hey guys,I have had some kind nudges/ pressure from friends to update my blog with what's been going on. The paragraph below is a little bit of a pretense as I get ready and to try and tell you why I still play my chaos army as a space wolves, "counts as" army.I have...