First thing on the menu is this Chaplain that I updated to be included in my new Deathwing. He used to belong to the Imperial Fists but became a free agent and was snatched up last minute. He used to specialize in a pair of Lightning claws but has since traded in for a combi-melta and his crozius.

The next thing is that I would like your guys opinion on color choices for the storm shields in the army. The two below are part of Belial's chosen command squad, the troop squad he always accompanies. The guy on the left is the original choice and the fella on the right is the proposed change. With the black shield, I thought that it just faded into the model to much. I just realized the guy on the right isnt finished as I meant to paint the inner ring black. Basically a switch-a-roo. Well anyway, which do you prefer?

And for desert, the battle report I promised the other day.

I need to say something because I havent published a couple of the last battle reports where I was beaten. The battle reports are kind of filler material for me and the take the most effort to put together so sometimes I dont get around to it and they fade into the background as time moves on. One in particular is against my arch-enemy, Ryan SInnot. This "ray of sunshine," has knocked me out of about three tournaments. I will have my revenge!