Well I certainly think so! This has actually been the model that, for me, embodies what 40k is all about. Dark and Menacing? Check. Skulls? Check. Looks like he will kick your teeth in for looking at him the wrong way? Check! Yep, a triple threat.

So I painted one a long time ago in the colors of my old Space Marines Chapter. It was a great lesson for me as I started some new techniques that I hadn’t used before. Here are some pictures of my original Terminator Chaplain done about 4 years ago. Sorry the pictures are from so far – it’s the best I have.

At the time I was running Marines that were a offshoot of The Imperial Fists. These guys were quartered. Purple and Bleached Bone. Overall I still like the colors – but this time around I went for an established Chapter (albeit one people make fun of) with traditional colors. I ended up selling the model to a friend. I’ll have him bring it over so I can get some better pictures.

So here are the results of my Ultramarines Terminator Chaplain:

Again, not the best pictures, but at least closer this time. Taken with my camera phone. I will get a lightbox set up soon and take some decent pictures once I have more of my Ultramarines completed.

So here I am using a lot of new techniques I have developed over theyears – but in particular techniques that I started learning with the original Terminator Chaplain four years ago. I really wish I had better close ups of the original so you could make out how much smoother the work is now.

Anyway – I still stand by my statement in the last article. “Anyone can paint this stuff.” It just takes a little time and patience.