I have managed to have two battles recently, which I should do battle reports for as they were both victories for the Dark Eldar. I have added a win against Tyranids and Blood Angels with the wins in both cases being tabling my opponents! I'm sure my next battle against the Imperial Guard next week will bring me crashing back down to earth, but it has been nice to see the army work as planned!

This is the Baron though, who is leading the my corsair army known as the Faceless...

After my initial couple of games where I was too overconfident with him, the Baron 
has since proven to be a seriously effective leader for my Corsairs

The model is the Wood Elf Lord with the quiver and weapon removed and replaced 
with a hellglaive. Additionally, the skyboard has been given more size 
with some of the Raider rear rudder-blades

As is normal, he'll probably end up being painted last once I have cut my teeth on the rest of the army.