I like starting with a little greeting instead of just jumping right in there. My “personal touch” if you will. If you really could care less about this just skip to the next paragraph. I mentioned what I was listening to last time, this time I’m listening to Counting Crows singing “Accidentally in Love”. I’m a girl, I’m allowed to like what ever the hell I want. My computer is running super slow today, I just force quit a couple things that I wasn’t using (like Illustrator, I mean wtf why would I have that open and not be using it? Am I stupid? Do I enjoy torturing myself having my computer running 5 times slower than normal because I’m stupid and haven’t bought more RAM yet?) so now it is running better. Oh… but I know why Illustrator was open.

Attractive right? If you weren’t reading that paragraph I bet you’re pretty confused about that picture. Even if you were reading you probably are still confused. It is what happens when I’m left alone and have access to blankets and image editing software. Anyway, I think I should move onto something that is actually related to this blog now…

Blood Bowl Team Manager The Card Game!!! WEEEEEEE. So some background… Frank always buys games and tries to get me to play them with him. Usually these games require about half an hour of set up before you even get to trying to read the 28 page long rule book. So when he first told me that he bought another game, I wasn’t thrilled. He can learn endless numbers of rules for 20 million games at the same time… I can barely contain 2 games. (Moving onto Muse- Thoughts of a Dying Atheist) But seriously, this is a real problem for me… Maybe it is a problem for you if you’re also dating or know someone who plays miniatures games. Well, push those worries aside because BBTMTCG (doesn’t save much time does it?) is pretty freaking awesome. Why?

First of all, the set up is sooooooo easy. It is just cards and little tokens, its like pokemon all over again but better! (See end of post about pokemon rant that no one seems to be interested in joining in on, please tell me how you feel, I really am genuinely interested.) Moving on… You set up the cards and draw your dudes and then play 2-3 games per round. I’m not going to go into terrible detail of how exactly to play the game, but just a gist and my thoughts on it. Anyway, you roll to see if you tackle people. Sometimes there will be a special rule, like if you successfully tackle someone you roll again to see if they die. Fun right? So you play a couple rounds of that and then you get to the end where there are 3 games, 2 regular games and the Blood Bowl. Here is where I have a problem with this game.

You only have 6 people in your hand… splitting them between 3 games sucks especially if you didn’t draw a particularly good hand. (Led Zeppelin-Trampled Under Foot) I think you should be able to draw an extra two or three people. Yes, it makes it harder and makes you strategize more, which is awesome, but sometimes you really need to win a certain game, which leads me to what makes you win at the end. The whole time you are playing you’re earning fans in one way or another. You win the game if you have the most fans. The Blood Bowl offers the most fans if you win it. Therefore in the last turn of COURSE you are going to try to win the Blood Bowl! Duh! In one game Frank and I played, the only card he put on one of the other game cards was a Lineman with guard. He had to do that because you don’t have enough cards in your hand to focus on three games when ONE of them is so important to winning the game as a whole. I enjoy the other non-Blood Bowl rounds a lot better. I think they are more interesting with the special rules and just trying to win two games. I suppose we could create a house rule about that and see if it makes it better or if it just gets ridiculous. We’ll see.

So overall, BBTMTCG, super fun game. Easy to learn. Fairly quick to play. Good times.

Fenrich Gives BBTMTCG: 4/5 sticks.

Fenrich... you're holding it.. upside.. down. Ah he'll figure it out.

And as a send off: Weezer- Time Flies

OH BUT WAIT! POKEMON! You thought I forgot... did you forget? What are your thoughts on Heracross? More on the topic of, is fighting and bug a good combo for a pokemon? Do you use this pokemon?