Hello Every-buddy, 
Long time no talk, eh? Well a lot has been on ol' Duder's mind lately (maybe more about that soon), and I thought maybe I'd share some hobby with you all... Actually these are pretty old pictures but I felt like I need to get them out. The subject today is Soda Pop miniatures.
this is one models worth of bits... This is not only a good looking kit but it is a highly complex one as well. There are a lot of little pieces and the completed project on the whole seems like it will be a bit fragile, but the sculpt is amazing.

Here's all the components in laid out in an orderly fashion, with a black reach SM for size comparison reasons. as you can see it is a hybrid metal and resin kit. Actually was surprised it was not all resin, not sure why but the thing dry fits together very nicely so it is not like the old GW plastic and metal hybrids that SUXXed.

 One thing I do have to say about this hobby is the ore expensive and specialized the model the gets the worse the presentation becomes, generally. I know Kingdom Death and a few other put packaging as a priority but think about ForgeWorld and other small scale resin companies, it's like getting a baggy full of tiny pieces... see above for Soda Pop's version of packaging, a couple baggies in a cardboard box with a sticker telling you what the models is.

And here is a final size comparison shot for all y'all.

Overall I have to say this kit was  abit pricey but it looks great and I think it will be  a blast to paint...
Until next time keep the buddy going!