After the INQvitational in June, I received a number of emails suggesting that a game or series of games be run surrounding the events of Inquisitrix Madine's funeral. She had been assassinated at the climax of the Helios Succession, and some of the players felt that their Inquisitors would ensure she was buriesd with full honours.

When PDH suggested to me that we arrange a second day where we could play INQ28, the core of the idea began to crystallise. The REQUIEM event would act as a coda of sorts for the 2012 INQvitational, resolving some of the story threads and laying the groundwork for new narrative events.

I wanted REQUIEM to be something slightly different from the typical Conclave event (and even the INQvitational format) - rather than a strict and stringent series of games which would result in a "winner", the day was to be far more narrative - players would play against who they wanted to play against - whoever would allow their narrative to flourish best. Beforehand, the players arranged match-ups and found GMs; this allowed time for specific NPC characters and scenery to be created for the event.

I was also able to call in a number of favours; a number of people lent their miniatures, scenery and even their painting abilities in order to ensure the day could run as smoothly as possible.

Whilst often the Conclave events have culminated in a grand finale, I wanted there to be a dramatic beginning to the day, to continue the Dalthan storyline and to provide a springboard for future events. Peter let me know that he'd been able to book Warhammer World's rather grand Zone Mortalis board, and seeds began to hatch. A grand game set aboard an Imperial Navy cruiser - a game where the Inquisitors had to protect and secure Madine's body. After talking to a number of the players, it became clear that this "mega-battle" was to be something rather extreme - a game of Inquisitor with something in the order of 150 models on the table...