Hello out there in internet land. Not that I think that we really have any dedicated readers who tune in with any sense of regularity, but incase I am wrong I thought it'd be nice to let you all know what we here at JaR have been doing while we neglect this blog.

Frank and I got engaged, that's all you get on that one. Norm moved. That's also all you get on that one. I'm in school full time going crazy.

The news? Why did we stop writing? Because we all basically stopped playing 40k. Things happened, people stopped having fun, more important and time consuming things came along. However, the lack of 40k does not mean we've stopped gaming.

The new game of choice? Heroclix. Honestly I'm surprised that Frank hasn't been raving about it, he has been writing for shortbox podcast instead if you want a dose of Frank that you've haven't read already. I'm not going to make empty promises and say that we will be writing more often because I know that my life is lacking in the free time department. Maybe Frank will post some pictures of the heroclix customs he has been making, maybe even some of his clix teams choices.

After the new year it is possible that we'll be making a journey to visit Norm in his new habitat which may mean a grudge match is on the horizon. Stay tuned... but not too tuned.