Continuing on from Part One, we'll focus on Multi-Melta Guy, the only metal figure out the 3 models I recently painted for my Long Fangs. This will be pretty straight forward, so enjoy:

Base coat (shadow grey and base).
Listed in the Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 1986-1991 as SPACE MARINE ARMED WITH MULTI MELTA AND BOLT PISTOL (070121/47) this venerable old model was one of only 2 one-piece space marine models GW produced back in the early days of Warhammer 40,000. He gets major 'grimdark cred' for having more skulls on his shoulder pad than any other non-character space marine ...well, ever! I have no recollection of how I ended up with him. but he had been primed white and kicking around in the case with the other Long Fangs for a while now.

Base coat (complete)
As with the multi meltas that I have painted on other models I used Tin bitz as my base color for the barrel.

Mid coat
 For some reason I didn't take any pics at the early mid coat stages. Note that his right shoulder pad is highly unusual in that it is really small, just big enough to serve as a brace for the gun,  and that there was no way to put his chapter badge on it. Instead I decided to put his pack marking there.

Space Wolf Grey coat

 Here he is mostly done.

Finished and flocked
And here his is finished! On the multi-melta tip I painted the part closest to the base with gold, while washing the end of hte barrels with a black ink to give the sense that the gun has been emitting burning hot blasts at some point in the recent past.

Finished and flocked (side/rear view)

Here's the back pack. I found that the current (3rd edition +) style of back packs fit this model best. Also I found one with a flat plate which provided me with a place to put a chapter badge. I painted it at the same time that I painted Erik Axegrinder's back pack, and I discussed it on that blog post.

Interesting note about multi-meltas, and really most of the 40K weapons: Since the inception of the game, and the creation of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, GW has done an impressive job sticking with their original concept designs for their weapons (for the most part). I was working on the multi melta for my land raider crusader at the same time as I was doing these Long Fangs and the gestalt pattern as to what defines (at a glance) what multi melta is and looks like hasn't changed hardly at all since 1987! Even the fuel canisters are sort of in similar spots! I painted my a hot red color on both of the recent multi meltas.

Also note the 'army badge' on the right leg. I have mixed feelings about how that came off, leaning more towards 'like'... thoughts?

Thanks again for checking this out,