Feels great knocking down the models I've had at my place since before summer.  Looks like quite soon my plate will be clean with me feverishly chasing spiders in my apartment to paint them, as I've ran out of models to paint.  Wish that was true.  There's a three foot stack of models for me to paint.  Have some other priorities that have to be finished before I start hacking away at that pile.

JJ painting, completed Shawn's Illic.  This is another of those Eldar models he handed soon after the codex was released.  Eldar Warhammer 40k commission.

Inside the blister I loved this model.  Starting looking at the sprue and assembling and started to not like it.

Spray painted Army Painter Uniform Grey.

Shawn wants this like his Rangers but with more detail.  Leathers painted Knarloc Green.

Armour plates Surf Aqua.  Face mask as well.

Rifle and other gear Army Painter Mat Black.  Gap in sleeve also black.

Stripe in hair as well.  Thought it'd be nice to have the hair like Illic's pic on the blister.

Softened shadow in sleeve by painting Caliban Green over the black.  Black will mute green more.

Head painted Tallarn Flesh.

Finally figured one article of Shawn's models I can tie together.  Belt.  Belt painted same as Eldrad and Spiritseer.  So will all other characters of Shawn's models in the future.  Based Scab Red, highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet.  It's the little things that matter.

Bling painted Vallejo Brassy Brass.

Stone structure Dheneb Stone.

Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Really like this look.

Want a wash to dry faster and have an airbrush or hose ready.  Turn on the compressor and use the air to expedite drying time.

Vines Warpstone Green.

Vines highlighted Goblin Green.  Leaves also Goblin Green, vibrant new growth compared to sturdy vines that are weathered.

Scorpion Green highlight on leaves.

All bulbs Caledor Sky.  Black streak in hair highlighted Fenris Grey.  Based white hair Fenris Grey.  Army Painter Mat White for streaks.  Eyes same.

There's a lot of time left on the clock.  Let's ramp this up a bit.  Fenris Grey highlight on armour plates.  Camo Green for leathers.

Shawn gave me the green light to highlight the rifle.  Mechanicus Grey.

Only two more squads of Shawn's models left.  Twelve Striking Scorpions and Autarch on a Jetbike.  Then for Bryan's Lysander and last priority stuff.  Running out of commission models to paint.

slainte mhath