I am in the middle of moving, so all hobby activities are at a stand still. More accurately, the hobbies have all been packed up and put away. The first stages of my move was cutting out the protective foam for my Orc & Goblin army's carry-case. Something I regret that I didn't do sooner. As organized as I like to think I am, this move has taught me that I need to be better at it.

The first thing I tackled was the main painting station (the 2nd painting station (which was always intended to be temporary) in the living room was disassembled while the Orcs & Gobos were put up.

The main painting station. 

To the left, a bin full of hobby supplies

The stool next to my comfy painting chair, with unbuilt Space Wolves under it.

The stack of models I acquired from my Brother
 In the man-cave is a closet that is stuff full of unassembled models. It really is a shrine to geekdom, and a museum of GW products. Some of these I broke down and condensed, and I will probably do it again after the move. All of those Star Wars and D&D boxes were emptied out and the minis dumped into a box, again, for space reasons.  
The plastic shelf in the closet

The wire shelves in the closet. 

The other wire shelf in the closest. The white boxes are blister packs
 As you can see I have a lot to move! 25 years of being in this hobby, and I rarely trade or sell off stuff, has caused me to acquire quite a bit. And yet I want more? What's in this stuff to make it so addictive?!

The books and boxed sets. 
 The bit bins above my painting station took some thinking. I have moved these things in my previous career, and if you don't secure them right, the drawers will open or stuff will fall out of the back of them. I went through these this past Friday night (stayed up until 3am) bagging all of the bits in snack bags. The next morning my dear friend Redbird came over and plastic wrapped up the bins for added security. That Redbird sure is swell!
Wrapped up and ready to move!
 After a day of solid packing, here is the paint station:
Yes, I forgot the surface was a marbled gray...

The bonus lesson here was allowing my Dad to pack my Orc Fighta Bomba into a Walmart gun case that I had on hand....

....the road to heck is paved with good intentions! LOL, it's all good though, as the model wasn't finished yet and I can easily reassemble it.

This move is well underway, eventually I will show you the next incarnation of the man-cave.

'Til eventually!