...literally! :-D

lol, notta whole lot of time for hobbying this week. Actually, it was a litte bit of a rough week for me. Whilst I've been a gamer for decades and cutting my fingers while converting minis is a daily occurrence. When I wanted to slice a bagel in two on Monday, the knife slipped and I made one hellova slice in my finger instead. Lovely. No stitches were needed, but my GF wouldn't let me use knives for the rest of the evening!

Skipping forward to Friday, and finding out that mother-fucking yellow jackets took up residence in the flower bushes out front while I was mowing really, REALLY sucked! Toss in a delayed allergic reaction (I never was allergic before), followed by a steroid shot for lunch Sunday, and uh yeah. I'm plotting and insect annihilation for later this week!


About all of my hobbying this week was spent 're-arming' more Black Consuls, turning them into Astral Claws for my Tyrant's Legion Cohorts. In some cases its only adding a base, or a bit or two, but there have been a lot of arm swaps, and this week will be no different. I've also added in 2 marines from my existing extras:

The Latest recruits for the cause!
The assault marine with the combat shield will lead my Retaliator squad. Whereas the former Techmarine will take the role of Centurion. He can control the Sentry Guns with his techno-wizardry, while keeping the Legion Auxiliaries in line.
This guy came from our FLGS bitz swap night a little ways back. I've always liked this model, and equipped him a little differently (he already has the 3 color minimum!) than the one I already have. Will probably put them in separate squads too.
I found and used several old Iron Hands' bionic arms on these guys. Also, I'm thinking that once painted up, it'll be hard to tell whether its a Daemonette or Eldar Corsair's head...
We didn't make it to the Saturday gaming either as we went to a friend's (3rd!?!) 30th birthday and (unbeknownst to her at the outset) engagement party! We had a great time (and she said 'yes'). Plus it was bit of a break from game nights is always good every now and again, but we'll be back there this coming weekend.