Well I'm not going to lie after quite a long break from 40k I have reignited my love for the game. As the cheesy saying goes a break is as good as a rest (may have just made that up sorry). So unsurprisingly it's the Eldar that are to blame. I just can't shift these little xenos from my imagination. The plan so far seems to be:

Primary detachment: Craftworld Eldar
Ally Detachment: Eldar Corsairs
Dataslate: Ghost Warriors

So with this in mind ive been looking at Eldar Corsairs once again. The plan being on using the Forgeworld rules and using them as an allied detachment. One of my big resources for them so far, is actually from 1st edition Rogue Trader and the orginal work done on Eldar. So I thought I'd show you the images and see what you guys think about it all.
The best bit about these old pages is seeing where the lore and current ideas come from. Of course there is the classic Yriel's Eldritch Raiders who have become an ingrained part of Eldar lore. But then there is Xian's Black Raiders who's colour scheme recently became the new Forgeworld colour scheme for Void Dragons. Whilst finally Alai Mercenary Corps hasn't been heard of since (I hope they went out in a blaze of glory).
So do any of you go back through the editions looking for inspiration and if you have used pieces which bits?
Next time I will go through the forgeworld images. Along with my final choice of forces.

(Ps. From now on I'm using my android tablet for blogging so the new formats will look like this)