New month, new project time!

First for Toys for Toys I wanted to do more, so I dug through my stuff and came up with 4 nobs. To go along with the burna boys I gave them kombi-skorchas, and one has a klaw. They will be painted in the same colors as the burnas.

These won't take long, so I wanted to to do something else. I had a few ideas, but finally settled on my Cygnar.  Just for something completely different. 

Primed, drybrushed with necron compound and then I dove into the warcaster, Epic Haley.  Just base coats and washes so far. I also hope to play a game this weekend with them.

I will be concentrating on the Nobs, and the Cygnar will be more of a time filler with no hurry.

That's it for now!