Our Introduction to Miniature Painting class has shown some nice results!  During Lessons 1 & 2, we learned the basics of putting brush to paint to model - and already the proof is in the...arrow quivers?  This entire regiment of Mercenary Archers for our Sword & Sorcery games was painted by the class during those lessons, and if I may say so they look absolutely gorgeous.

"Let's give 'em a volley, lads!"
Once the regiment had been painted after Lesson 2, I had the pleasure of using Army Painter QuickShade (Strong Tone) on the unit.  After dipping all 20 of them, I applied Anti-Shine to get rid of the glossy residue left by the QuickShade once it dries.  The process worked out quite well on these models - perhaps it's their 1-piece simplicity.

The basing material was a mix of some ruddy, Dark Brown flock I had leftover from other projects mixed with some other hues.  Army Painter's Grass Green Flock provides a lovely light green accent, while Gale Force 9's Grass flock mixes it's dark green with the dark brown to make a nice Autumn look.

These mercenaries make good skirmishers, as well.
These warriors will likely see battle many times in many fashions.  Whether conscripted into your Baronial Army as you carve out a domain in Mystara, or raining arrows on the minions of the Dragon Queen on Toril, these are some of the best equipped light troops you can obtain.  This regiment is one of the main missile units for our human armies, and the troops you recruit can be deployed anywhere in your forces / domain.

Paint Guide
  1. Krylon Ultra-Flat Camouflage Brown Spray  (Basecoat)
  2. Elf Flesh  (Flesh)
  3. Bubonic Brown  (Leggings)
  4. Catachan Green  (Coif / Beltpouch)
  5. Vermin Brown  (Wood on Bows & Arrows)
  6. Blood Red  (Arrow Fletching)
  7. Vomit Brown  (Belts)
  8. Black  (Dagger Sheath / Draw Guard)
  9. Army Painter Desert Yellow  (Dagger Hilt)
  10. Boltgun Metal  (Helmet / Arrowheads)
  11. Army Painter QuickShade Strong Tone
  12. Army Painter Anti-Gloss
  13. Mix of a Dark Brown, Army Painter Grass Green and Gale Force 9 Grass Flocks  (Base Cover)
We're going to have a ton of project logs based on our upcoming class lessons.  When the Introduction is over after ten classes, we're not quite ready to stop.  We've got some good ideas for some advanced techniques we're going to teach our class about that will really spur creativity.  Best of all, we'll have more painted stuff for the club to game with!