Paints used: Vallejo, Reaper Master Series, Games Workshop Washes, Com Art Medea Airbrush
Paint Brushes: Rosemary & Co. Raphael 8040, Broken Toad Brushes

Vio'scious Ch'Ihll is captain of the Raven's Delight, a once great host now greatly diminished to those members who were fleet enough to outpace their pursuers. The moniker Blood Raven was hung about him after his many flights across Naggaroth, fleeing the vengeful blades at his back. The raven is a craven bird in Naggarothi lore and Vio'scious has a growing repute for savaging the weak, helpless and lamed for his continued survival. 

Vio’Cious is the Son of Briarch Ch’Ihll the former first Sword of Ch’Ihll, and is an uncle to Cynath Ch’Ihll. Upon the death of Briarch his children sought to take the mantle of first sword of the Ch’Ihll dynasty, thus sparking a bloody internal family affair. Vio’Scious sought to marry Tyriz Mal, daughter of the Dreadlord Daemon of Naggarond, putting a thousand swords to Vio’Scious claim. Unfortunately the Daemon’s men butchered Vio’Scious’ merge household while the newly weds were consummating their marriage. The Blood Raven earned his moniker by stealing away from the highest point of the Marriage tower, his wife cut open and emptied onto to the bridal bed. 

He has fled from city to city, raising hosts by borrowing money against the Ch’Ihll name, and having them dashed against stronger forces. His life has been a protracted retreat from the Dark Elf Capitol, running from his siblings, the revenge of his step father and his debtors. 

His Preyton, stolen from the docks of Karond Kar in his flight from Naggaroth, mirrors the black cruelty of the Dark Elf well. His current band of mercenaries, the Crow’s Delight, are practiced in lightning raids, thrilling in riding down the weak, the lame and the helpless. although few in number their presence in the Black Prince’s host gives outriders of exceptional resourcefulness and cruelty. But it also gives the Black Prince a problem with an older, ambitious sibling. 


Every Dark Elf army needs a pegasus rider doesn't it? I didn't want to create a model just for the sake of gaming purposes as I find these model tend to lack character and are quickly forgotten for the more personal elements of a force. I knew I had to have the Preyton somewhere in my collection and a quick mock up of the old Asdurael Vect Kit seemed like a match made in heaven! 

I decided to go for a strong black and red colour scheme. This is an incredibly effective combination but also helped distance the Blood Raven visually from the rest of the Ch'Ihll host. Vio'Cious adds a welcome splash of colour to the force. His Raven's Delight will be a unit of Dark riders that accompany him into battle. 

With the changes to the Warhammer World it's hard to see where the force stands at the moment. It was built with 3rd edition sensibilities and 8th edition practicalities. The new edition looks set to break away completely from the past and so there is no reference point to know where to push the force on from here. I'd like to add a unit of crossbowmen, finish the Witch elves and create a unit of Sisters of Slaughter as these are iconic to the army (less so the sisters, I just love the models). To finish it all off though I just may need to go out with a flourish, like the Warhammer Wolrd itself and End Times my Lord onto a Dragon.