I enjoyed recapping my first Canadian beer, so lets move onto my next review from May 2015. Mikkeller is one my favourite brewers. Mikkeller is a gypsy brewer who comes up with some great and flavoursome beers. I was very surprised to find it in Canada and bought up most of the shelf. Almost 12 bottles in total!


Name: Cream Ale
Country: Denmark
Brewery: Mikkeller www.mikkeller.dk
Price: $3.60 CAD
ABV: 4.7%
Commercial Fluff:
"A Cream Ale inspired by the pre-prohibition America"

Own Opinion

Sight: A rich golden yellow, thick looking and cloudy.
Aroma: Hoppy, fruity, a bit of yeast
Taste: Peachy, refreshing, moreish.
Would I buy it again? Yes!

I wish LCBO would make it their mission in life to continue to get this brewers beer in and his twin's beers from Evil Twin. Having met both brewers in England, I can safely say these are my top two brewers. I would drink these beers all day. So if you ever get the chance then sample away. Or better let buy them and send them to me. 

On the off chance either brewer is reading this say hi!

So have you tried it? Do you agree or better let disagree? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts.