Last year, I started taking note of all my hobby costs for 2015 to get an idea of just how much I was spending on my hobbying. This year, I have been doing the same thing, but haven't had a chance to post about it till now.
  • £9.99  (T)         2nd Edition Card Bunker
  • -£20.00             Sold Grey Knights
  • -£13.30             Sold Baal Predator
  • -£18.50 (OT)    Sold Librarian and Devastators
  • £7.80    (OT)    Dark Millennium rulebook
  • £5.70    (OT)    40k 2nd edition rulebooks
  • £3.38     (OT)   Dark Angels 3rd edition codex
  • £5.60     (OT)   Ebay postage
  • £5.80     (OT)   Ork 2nd edition codex
  • £4.30     (OT)   Angels of Death 2nd edition codex
This month I managed to sell a few items that I had picked up at the end of last year in a Space Marine army bundle. I also picked up a number of old codices and rulebooks from ebay. I bought this for research for my Evolution of 40k series of articles that I have been writing since the start of the year. They provide some great background and older artwork for 40k and are a great read.
Total for January = -£9.23
Running Total = -£9.23

  •  £42.80 (WS) Space Marine Army
  • £18.29  (WS) Grav Devastators
  • £4.00    (OT)  Codex Armageddon
I picked up another space marine army bundle from ebay with plans to sell on some of the parts and keep others for my various armies. I also got an absolute bargain- 5 devastators armed with 4 grav cannons for only £18! Considering a box of devastators costs £28 and comes with two grav cannons (which go for about £7 each on ebay), I was very pleased with this buy. They come mounted on 32 mm bases, which I must admit, do look really nice for marines. I also picked up the old Codex Armageddon supplement book off ebay.
Total for February = £65.09
Running Total = £55.86
  • -£30.00  Sold Space Marine Vehicles
March was a light month for hobby costs. I sold off a few vehicles in one of my space marine army bundles; a drop pod, a Rhino and a Razorback.
Total for February = -£30.00
Running Total = £25.86
So for the first quarter of 2016, I have only spent about £25 on hobby costs, way down from £174 at this point last year. This should increase in the next few months as I have some tournaments I wish to attend and have a bunch of stuff to try and sell on ebay.