It's time for a classic beer that every true drinker should at least try once; Rochefort Trappistes 8. Coming all the way from Belgium to Canada (good thing it travels well). This beer is brewed by Monks and is the leading beer of the style. I can not express how much I'm looking forward to this.

Bit of a grainy picture off the old camera

Name: Rochefort 8
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Brewery: Brasserie Rochefort (website)
Country: Belgium
Price: $3.50 CAD - 330ml bottle
ABV: 9.2%
Commercial Fluff:
"The lower gravity cousin to Rochefort 10. Nicknamed "Spéciale" (’The Special’), this beer is the most recent production. The Rochefort 8 has a more tawny colour and a more pronounced aroma, with an even richer fruitiness (a slight undertone of fig?) and a little more spiced dryness, like that of a cake, which gives a balanced finish to the final notes."
Own Opinion

Sight: Pours a rich deep brown with a foamy off tan head.
Aroma: Chocolate, malts, yeast and dried fruits. Brings forth a Christmas cake memory of a christmas long past.
Taste: Flavours of fruit, bread, caramel and some sneaky hops. Still reminding me of Christmas cake.
Would I buy it again? Yes.

What can I say this is a great beer. A perfect Autumnal beer full of complex flavours, that I doubt I even came close to finding or describing them all. This is properly one of the first beers I ever had back in the day that wasn't a lager. I enjoyed it then and my eyes always light up when I see a bottle. For me this is a beer that everyone should try at least once. So if you haven't let, go find a bottle and treat yourself.