Whilst the world reeled in shock at the unexpected voting result in the UK, and the value of the British pound dropped to its lowest point since 1978, I thought (as most everyone did): "how does this effect me?"

The answer:   FORGEWORLD'S ON SALE!!!!!!

lol, actually Hasslefree Miniatures has been all too happy to tout the low price of their products to foreign buyers in all of their news letters since the Brexit vote, so I'm not the only one to cash in on the event. Whilst that is tempting, I instead spent my $$$ on Forgeworld given I had recently gotten a bunch of Grymn anyways.

The nightmarishly frequent typos in the 'Tempest' FW book's Militia army list have been corrected in this tome.

Though still on a Grymn related note, I bought the Crusade Imperialis army list book. Now my Grymn-turned-Outremar Imperial Militia have an actual rulebook and not a hacked Russian PDF!

True to form for a legion that prefers a shroud of secrecy, their decal sheet was decidedly difficult to photograph. This photo is the best I could manage.

The Alpha legion weren't left out either, as I got their decal sheet. I'm waiting for the updated and combined into one volume HH Space marine 'red book' to come out and then I'll get that for my Alpha Legion as well. Shouldn't be long now since the 'special edition' of it sold out near-instantaneously!