Welcome to 2017! I hope everyone had a good break over the holiday period. With the New Year beginning, I thought I would take a look at what I hope to achieve in my hobbying for the coming months. 

1. Deathwatch Army
I have really been enjoying painting up my Deathwatch army. It has given me a chance to learn some new techniques and really focus on individual models in the squad. I have also been enjoying gaming with the army, giving me a new style of force to use from my regular armies.

I am currently planning to take the force to Dave's Birthday Bash, so will be working on getting 1500 points painted up by February, as well as getting some practice games played.

2. Genestealers Cult Army
2017 will see me beginning a new 40k army, the Genestealers Cult. This should provide some interesting painting options for me, as I have never painted purple before. It will also provide a very different way to play an army, with the Cult Ambush table playing a big role in the games.

3. New Articles
I want to get back to my Evolution of 40k series, looking at the different phases of the game and how they have changed since 2nd edition.

I also want to try writing some Tactica articles to share my thoughts on how I play my different armies. This will be starting with my White Scars force, going over what I think are the important choices in the army and how I use my units.

If there is any other content that you would like to see on the blog, let me know in the comments. I am also still interested in publishing any Guest Posts that readers/other bloggers may wish to contribute. Get in touch if you are interested in writing such a post.

4. Imperial Knight
This year, I will need to get my Imperial Knight painted up and use it in some games. I've faced the Superheavy Walker before, but never played it in a game.

5. Warhammer World
I also want to make my first visit to Warhammer World in 2017. Having never been before, I hope to meet up with some fellow gamers for some 40k on some fantastic gaming boards.

So those are my plans for the next year. What are some of your hobby goals that you wish to achieve?