As the title says, this past weekend was my 1st try at the new Necromunda 1.3 Shadow War! Having three players, Bob, Screech and myself, we tried out the Grab the cache scenario. What follows is my usual photo-dump/pseudo battle report.

Da Long Ways Dezert Groop deploys for battle.

Wait, wah? Screech is...is, advancing?!?

On my first turm, the (now named) 'Mo Dakka' pumps a stream of big shoota rounds at Bob's team leader, taking him out of the game before he ever got to move!

Da boys spread out, shootas blazing!

Screech's Space Wolf scouts do the same.

Note the scouts alarmingly effective camoflage!

On his 3rd turn (of continuous shooting) Mo Dakka made his 2nd kill of the game, emptying his big shoota's ammo drum into another of Bob's Cadians, scoring no less than 3 wounds!

lol, Screech's Scout rolled a '1' to hit!

Whereas all 3 boys, each shooting with an average of 2 shots a piece also all missed! So much fail in this building...

Sarge was taken down by an unseen scout, the other still failed to hit and was taken out when the remaining two boys charged and killed him! Also, and well after this point we had realized that we had forgotten about the automatic break tests when a model is taken out of action within 2" of another.

Bob and I observing Screech's bad rolling.

Shenanigan's in progress...

...requiring a consultation of the rules...

...Bob's not helping...

...until he got tired of us not finding the answer...

Moving on, I'm sure all of the confusion was caused by the notion of Screech's scout reaching the central objective FIRST!

Sarge's killer is taken down!

Mo Dakka, sprints towards the table's center!

It seems as though Bob forgot that this wasn't a squad based game, as his Cadians advance enmass.

Where he swiftly took 2 counters.

Da boys moved in close, gunz blazing and took down the grenade launcher gunner. Only to both be pinned in turn. Following this, we (as in Bob and I) realized the bottle test is at 25% casualties, not 50% as we had thought. Immediately thereafter we both promptly failed our tests, handing Screech a swift victory!

Welp, poor LD rolls resulting in Screech's sudden win aside (which Bob was a little less than pleased with), it was a fun game. As the battlefield debut of my WWII Orks, I'm happy with them racking up the most kills of the game...or at least I think they did. I didn't really keep count (because Orks, math...yeah about that), regardless it was fun and I look forward to playing some more in the future.